Assignment #6 - Banner / Buttons Design




Create a web site banner and complementry buttons. Due by the end of Wednesday, November 18. 40 points.



Pick a subject that interests you and build a basic web banner illustration for it, and also 4 navigation buttons that complement the banner design:

  • Choose something that interests you, like a faux web site concept for a local eaterly, musician, community center, etc.
  • Use what you've learned so far with text, shapes, layers, fills, strokes, colors, pen, blending, etc.
  • Build the banner and the buttons into one document
  • The banner should be designed at about 10 inches wide, and should include text and design so that it identifies the web site client/subject
  • The buttons should be designed at about 1.5 inches wide or high
  • Put the banner and the buttons all on the same document.


Your assignment should include:

  • An identifying blurb in the footer area of your document with this info – class, your first and last name, your email, etc.
  • Save your file as an Illustrator AI with the filename:
  • Upload no more than 6.5 mb file to the Assignment 6 reminder on Studiobast E-Learning in your ITC298 course area.
  • Do not email files to me




  • Does your assignment include ALL the requirements?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the required area so I can review it?
  • Have you verified that your assignment appears way you want me to grade it?
  • Is your assignment done, uploaded, and double-checked on time (by the due date)?
  • Have you emailed me in advance of the due date if you have had serious issues completing the assignment?