Final Project: Powerpoint Presentation


DUE Tuesday, December 9. Final Presentations 8:00am in Room #BE3168. Uploads no later than 11:59am (before Noon). Tuesday, December 9. NO LATE WORK no matter what. I will grade Tuesday afternoon.

I'll be grading your work based on your classroom presentation and also what you upload to CANVAS. Name the file exactly like I require (below) or you will lose points.

This assignment will focus on sharing basic information in presentation format, using MS Powerpoint 2013. You can use version 2007/2010, and 2011 if you have a Mac. You can also choose to use the open source Open Office or Libre Office presentation program, etc.

Create one (1) 7+ slide presentation. Upload is DUE BEFORE 11:59am (NOON), Tuesday, December 9. 60 points - 50 points for your research and PowerPoint WORK, 10 points for showing it to the class. The Presentation showing is in Room #3168, 8:00am, Tuesday, December 9. Bring your Final Presentation on your pen drive and/or have a copy uploaded to your Student O: drive.


Choose One (1) of the following topics, and do an attractive and informational presentation on the subject as you understand it from class/the book/a little research, and on how you think it affects people's lives:

  • Information Privacy, OR
  • Information Security, OR
  • Information Ethics, OR
  • Online Reputation, OR
  • Body Area Networks, OR
  • or Cyberterrorism.
  • DO NOT pitch me other topics. :0)

To Do

  • Choose your topic
  • Find interesting information from your lectures, your book, and the Internet to flesh out your presentation.
  • Use MS Powerpoint 2013/2011 Mac to create a 7+ slide Presentation. NAME your file finalfirstinitiallastname.pptx. Example: finallbothell.pptx.
  • The pages should include:
    • A Title slide (First page)
    • 3 or 4 Title and Content slides
    • 1 or 2 Comparison and/or 2-content slide(s)
    • 1 Picture with Caption slide (last page)
  • Choose a style and color scheme you like that is also easy to read.
  • Show the presentation's title/subject, your name, ITC102, and [THIS] Quarter on the Title page.
  • Introduce your topic on Slide 2.
  • Add factual and useful information on slides 3 and 4.
  • Use Slide 5 and 6 to share how this information affects people/the community.
  • Use Slide 7 to add an appropriate graphic and caption to "close" the presentation.
  • Use a small assortment of images or clipart graphics that look like they work together to illustrate your presentation, as needed.
  • Add a table, and/or SmartArt, and/or shape graphics, to help give your information visual appeal and organization.
  • Select one Page transition style and apply it to all your pages on mouse-click.
  • Do a Spell Check on your file.
  • Be prepared to chat in front of the class for about 3-4 minutes on your topic, with this presentation being like your "notes".


You will give a short (2-3 minute) PowerPoint presentation in class in Room #3168 at 8:00am Tuesday, December 9. This is worth 10 points of your grade.

  • Bring your Final Presentation on your pen drive and/or have a copy uploaded to your Student O: drive.
  • Just take 2-4 minutes to give us a quick look at your work and ideas.
  • It will be FUN!!
  • You need to attend the final class even if you do not choose to present your own presentation.
  • If you decide you do not want to present and/or not come to class, you will lose 10 points.


When you are finished with your PowerPoint presentation, log in to CANVAS, and in your ITC102 class, click the link for ITC FINAL. Upload your PowerPoint assignment file. Do this absolutely no later than 11:59am, Tuesday, December 9. Verify that the correct file appears after you finish uploading. Attempts right at noon or just before that do not succeed in getting to Canvas will not be accepted.


  • Use your book as a refresher.
  • Check out these links for ideas/PowerPoint info: PowerPoint Tutorials, Presentation Tips, Microsoft Presentation Tips
  • Save your document frequently.
  • Upload your full first draft early, even if you are not done. If something happens, at least some of your work will be there for me to grade December 9.
  • Bring your Final Presentation on a USB Flash Drive, just in case the school server or Internet is down.
  • IF you choose to not use PowerPoint, make sure that whatever you DO use allows similar formatting, transitions and animations, AND that I can open the file without the native presentation program.
  • Upload NO LATER THAN 11:59am (BEFORE Noon), Tuesday, December 9. Do it EARLY. I will not accept late uploads or assignments for ANY reason. Just ask past students. NO!



  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment has all the requirements I listed in this assignment?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment?
  • Have you emailed me at least 1 full day before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?