ITC102: Assignments Listing

This is a 300 point class. Lotsa fun points!!

Assignments and quizzes will be taken or uploaded through the required CANVAS tool, and must be completed/uploaded by 11:55pm on their DUE date (unless specified otherwise). They lose 100% points if late, non-negotiable. It is YOUR JOB to email me before the last minute if you have a significant problem completing the assignment - no email, no breaks.

TAKING Quizzes and Assignments: Your quizzes, assignments, and the midterm will only be available for you to "enter" and complete during several days before they are due. For instance, if your first Quiz is due Sunday, October 12, you should be able to actually enter and complete the quiz from Monday, October 6 through 11:55pm Sunday, October 12. Don't wait till the last minute.


Assignments are 5 points each. Type all as short answers on CANVAS.
  • ITC ASSIGN 1: due Sunday, Oct 12.
  • ITC ASSIGN 2: due Sunday, Oct 19.
  • ITC ASSIGN 3: due Sunday, Oct 26.
  • ITC ASSIGN 4: due Sunday, Nov 2.
  • ITC ASSIGN 5: due Sunday, Nov 9.
  • ITC ASSIGN 6: due Sunday, Nov 16.
  • ITC ASSIGN 7: due Sunday, Nov 23.
  • ITC ASSIGN 8: due Sunday, Nov 30.
  • ITC FINAL: Powerpoint file, upload on CANVAS , before NOON (11:59am), Tuesday, December 9, 60 points.
    • Classroom Final Presentations will be held during finals hours: Room #3168, 8:00am, Tuesday, December 9.


Weekly quizzes are 15 points each. Take all on CANVAS .
  • ITC AGREE: Syllabus Agreement, due Sunday, Oct 5. True/False Quiz on CANVAS . REQUIRED to stay in class. 5 points.
  • ITC QUIZ 1: due Sunday, Oct 12.
  • ITC QUIZ 2: due Sunday, Oct 19.
  • ITC QUIZ 3: due Sunday, Oct 26.
  • ITC QUIZ 4: due Sunday, Nov 2.
  • ITC QUIZ 5: due Sunday, Nov 9.
  • ITC QUIZ 6: due Sunday, Nov 16.
  • ITC QUIZ 7: due Sunday, Nov 23.
  • ITC QUIZ 8: due Sunday, Nov 30.
  • ITC MIDTERM: Overview of computers, due Wednesday, November 12, 30 points.


I will list these as I offer them:

  • ITC EXTRA 1: Word Search - Name My Parts, 2 points. Print out, have fun, give me your Print-Out, due Wednesday, Oct 22.
  • ITC EXTRA 2: Your Name in Binary, 1 point. Translate your name into binary, and upload it at CANVAS tool, due Wednesday, Oct 29. Example: Lisa Bothell = 01001100 01101001 01110011 01100001 00100000 01000010 01101111 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100
  • ITC EXTRA 3: Word Search 2 - Networking Fun, 2 points. Print out, have fun, give me your Print-Out, due Wednesday, Nov 12.
  • ITC EXTRA 4 : If you were going to create an e-portfolio, how would you go about it? What would you highlight, and how would you maintain it. Give a short answer on the CANVAS tool by Wednesday, Nov 26, 1 point.
  • ITC EXTRA 5: LinkedIn Profile. Create a fleshed-out and current LinkedIn Profile which shows your work and skills experience over the past 3 full years. I will not grade unless I get an invitation before Wednesday, December 3. 2 points.


I am here and I expect you to be here too. Class Participation is worth 45 points. You will start the quarter with these 45 points, and I will deduct 15 points each of the first 3 times for unexcused absences, tardiness, leaving class early, class disturbances (coming and going, sleeping, phones and devices ringing/buzzing/whatever), and for not participating when I ask questions or start discussions. Don't complain about it - show up to class. I won't argue about unexcused absences, and I may suggest that you drop the class if attending just isn't your thing. I will not negotiate due dates or assignment problems at all with chronically tardy and/or absent folks.

The following also matters:

  • Signing the attendance sheet when I send one around, or you could be considered absent.
  • Getting into and using CANVAS regularly.
  • Spending extra time in the SCC Tutoring Lab when you need help on computer stuff outside of class.
  • Spending all the extra time you need outside of class to get your computer skills in order and your assignments done (est 2 hours per 1 classroom hour).
  • Helping each other out.
  • Asking questions, share ideas, and yes, catch teacher errors (heh heh heh)!
  • Keeping up with ungraded in-class tasks and demos.
  • Forum interaction with each other as needed and helpful.
  • Do SCC class eval/survey to help improve us!

Final Grades: Final grades will be uploaded to the SCC grading system and closed to change by December 16, 2014.