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Use FTP To Upload Your Files


For this how-to, I am covering Filezilla and your Edison student server space.


We’ll be using the student server space for publishing your websites for Web Authoring.


Filezilla is the FTP Client tool that SCCC offers, is free online, and has versions for both PCs and Macs. You can also get Cyberduck for Macs.

Note: These steps should work even if you sign up for some other free webhost because your Edison space is unavailable.


BEFORE using FTP for first time on any computer:


  • OPEN Internet Explorer
  • CHOOSE Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab
  • Make sure that “Use Passive FTP” choice is Unchecked. Close IE


Using Filezilla

  • OPEN Filezilla: SELECT Programs/Utilities/Filezilla
  • Host =, Username= student login, Password = last 6 digits of SID, Port = 21
  • CLICK QuickConnect
  • Your local computer directories will appear in the left pane, and the remote computer you will transfer to will appear in the right pane ( on the right.
  • You can drag and drop from the left to the right. When asked if you want to overwrite your file, say YES (but have backups first!)
  • When finished, disconnect, then close Filezilla


To test your recent uploads, Open IE or Firefox, type the address of your website (like  and when your page loads, be sure to REFRESH to load your newest changes.


Note: Make sure to type the ~ before your student name in the URL.


If you would like an FTP client for home use, consider:


You can also check out these video tutorials: