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Code Text and View Results


Find/open Crimson Editor


  • Open Crimson Editor
  • SAVE any new file immediately before starting to work on it
  • To show Word Wrap: View, click on Word Wrap
  • To show Line Numbers: View, click on Line Numbers


Code in Crimson Editor


  • Begin code in open window.
  • Make sure to add the XHTML Transitional Doctype.
  • Make sure you have open and closing html tags for every page - <html> </html>.
  • Make sure you have open and closing head tags for every page, after the opening html tag - <head> </head>.
  • Make sure you have an open and closing title tag inside your head section - <title>Page Name </title> and the needed meta tags.
  • Make sure you have open and closing body tags for every page - after the closing head tag and before the closing html tag - <body> </body>.
  • Make sure you have placed some content to view inside your body tags, such as a open/closing header, open/closing paragraph, etc.


View your work in IE


  • To view work you have done in a browser (IE is usually default), SAVE the work you have done.
  • Press Alt B or choose Tools/View in Browser
  • After you make changes, you can use Alt Tab to move to the open IE browser window, and press F5 to refresh the browser so your changes appear.


Check out this video for a demonstration: Tutorial - Coding - Build a Simple Web Page