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  • Emergency and Health Info





    Just some basic starting points. Be well and be safe!


    The Flu / Illness


    Fall quarter can be a hotbed of germs, particularly with colds, flu, etc. Your priority? Take care of yourself, get rest, and get healthy!!


    If you get sick and can't come to class, please contact me by email and let me know as soon as you are able so we can look at assignment/deadline options if needed. Keep up on the website for announcements, and sleep/rest/eat/rest/watch tv/sleep/drink fliuids/sleep.



    • Carry handi-wipes and/or portable Purell-type hand cleanser
    • Feel free to carefully use a handi-wipe to touch up your computer keyboard and mouse before using
    • Wash up frequently and use paper towels on bathroom door handles
    • Cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow
    • Carry Kleenex and a baggie to put used ones in
    • Have a face mask in case you are around sick folks. I will!
    • Stay home when sick and germy. PLEASE!! ;0)


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    Building Emergencies


    Be prepared in case of emergencies. These can include fire, sudden air constamination that affects breathing, earthquakes, and/or personal emergencies like a sudden health issue with another student, etc.


    When in a class:

    • Know how to reach Campus security: 587-5442
    • Follow any instructions that come with the alarm system
    • If there is no alarm, and the instructor shares information/ instructions, follow them.
    • If needed, get under desks in case of earthquake.
    • If in a Shelter-In-Place situation, follow instructions and move quickly/safely to an above-ground-level interior room.
    • Connect with your nearest class neighbor and keep an eye on each other - teamwork for safety!
    • If the class needs to leave the area, collect your belongings and quickly/safely make your way to the nearest stairs to exit the building.
    • If exiting the building, gather with other classmates across the street from the bulilding exit.


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    Student Safety


    The first and best steps for your safety is for you to keep alert, keep your eyes open, and be responsible for knowing your surroundings.



    • Do not leave your personal belongings alone - including your USB flash drives, books, backpack, open beverages, etc.
    • Don't flash signs of wealth, like money, expensive tools or gadgets, etc.
    • Secure your bike, car, moped, etc. in well-lit areas and know where to find it quickly. Have your keys ready!
    • Choose high traffic and well lit access and departure routes, and walk with one or more persons you know when heading for parking, bus zones, and other potential risk areas.
    • If you see something suspicious - behavior, drug activity, someone bullying, an abandoned package, etc., contact Campus security: 587-5442. Also consider 911 if the risk feels high.


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    Closure Communications


    If SCCC decides to close for the day or or delay opening hours, check for information with the following methods:

    • General SCCC Closure Info:
    • On the Seattle Central Website
    • School Report: click on the “college” tab at the left and then on Seattle Central Community College.
    • NEW! Seattle Central closure line. Call 206-587-5464 (587-KING). This is a new, dedicated line that has been set up for the college (including students). The KING line will make it easier for you to get through, as the 3800 line is not equipped to handle a high volume of calls. Please note: we will NOT use the x3800 line this year.
    • Radio and TV news: All major radio and television stations regularly announce closures or delays, which they pick up from the school report website.
    • Campus Alert - you need your Student ID number and the PIN number you were sent when you enrolled at SCCC. If you need this info again, see registration.
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    Disclaimer: Please note - for student informational purposes only - LJ is not certified in any emergency procedure and does not create/maintain any of the info on the links listed in this page.