MS Office 2010 Integration/Review



  • Turn off all noise-making phones, pagers, etc. (Teacher too!)


Computer Basics

  • Logging In: First two weeks, type open and hit Enter
  • Look at Taskbar to find Start
  • Look for Microsoft Office: open to find the programs.




Integrating MS Office Programs

  • All programs to Outlook emails
  • Email data into Word
  • Excel information into Word
  • Access information into Excel
  • Word information into Powerpoint


Word Merges
MS Office allows you to grab data from other programs like Excel or Access to populate a Word document, such as a report or mailing letter/envelopes.

  • You can create address or folder labels, and mailing envelopes.
  • You can create rules for how the merged data will look and populate.
  • You can search your labels or envelopes for specific info using the 'Find Recipient'.
  • You can merge your information to a final document for printing and/or PDF saving.


Access Tables in Excel
MS Office allows you to import table data from databases like Access so you can use Excel to prepare tables for Excel graphs and charts.

  • You can export data from Access for use in Excel.
  • You can style, sort, anf filter tables from Access data.
  • You can use these tables to generate charts and graphs in Excel.


Excel Charts and Graphs
MS Office allows you to use Excel graphs and charts in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

  • You can save tables, charts, and graphs as imges to place as an illustration.
  • You can import the charts and graphs, which will link "live" Excel info into Word and Powerpoint.


Word Content
MS Office allows you to use an existing Microsoft Word document to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. To set up the slides in a presentation, PowerPoint uses the heading styles in your Word document



Case Study: Mailing Project - merge letter and flyer. DOWNLOAD ME

  • NotePad notes
  • Word letter
  • Excel tables
  • Mail merge
  • PDF output
  • ZIP saved version
  • Word info
  • Powerpoint flyer
  • PDF output
  • Zip file
  • Email zip file attachment.