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  • Future Learning - School is never out. . .

    Once you've finished the quarter, you don't get to stop learning. The web work field, whether design, production, programming, or project management-oriented, demands ongoing learning. Here are a few fun things to keep in mind:


    Moving Forward


    Keep Learning!

    • Web Careers & Classes
    • Continue SCCC trainings: Web Authoring II, Typography for the Web, Intro to Javascript, Theory of Web Design, Usability, Adobe CS4 programs (Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash/Actionscript, etc.), and later, working with a web team, capstone, web career strategies, programming, databases, etc.)
    • If you are on your own, check out Lynda Online Training - $25/month for unlimited tutorials
    • For Adobe program free trainings, check out CS6 Video Tutorials
    • Free Web Design Tutorials: Entheos, W3C School, SmartWebby
    • Work on problem solving.


    Get some experience!


    Meet your peers!


    Fresh Ideas!


    Think Ahead!


    Good Articles!


    Must Have Books!

    • Ace the IT Job Interview! by Paula Moreira, Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Edition: Jan. 2008, Format: Paperback, ISBN-10: 0071495789, ISBN-13: 9780071495783. Overall, slanted for IT/tech/programming
    • Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, Graphic Artists Guild, Edition: Sept. 2007, Format: Paperback, ISBN-10: 0932102131, ISBN-13: 978-0932102133. Overall, slanted for design, creative, combo
    • The Design of Sites, by Douglas K. van Duyne, James A. Landay, and Jason I. Hong, Format: Paperback - Dec 24, 2006, # ISBN-10: 0131345559 # ISBN-13: 978-0131345553.


    What about HTML 5.0, XHTML 2.0, and CSS 3.0?

    As of April 2010, these are still in development mode; the W3C html validator only does experimental validation for HTML 5, and the W3C CSS validator is still focused on CSS 2.1. Internet Explorer 9 should provide some support for HTML 5 and CSS3 when it launches - possibly in late 2010. Other current version browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc.) only partly and/or experimentally support them.


    These are also not being taught in existing SCCCC curriculum. They are not likely to be recognized/used by most local employers for a minimum of 2-3 years. They are mainly in the experimentation and leading-edge stage, where freelance designers and small studios are pushing the envelope and sharing tutorials.


    Find out more!



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