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  • Weekly Checklist


    Hello. Per the syllabus and our discussions, you are responsible for keeping up on your reading, tasks, assignments, communication with me, and with the website and tools.


    Here's a quick weekly checklist that I found really helps me keep up when I am a student.


    • Have you caught up on required reading?
    • Have you transferred your current work to your server space / uploaded to assignment location when due and checked to make sure it is there?
    • Have you backed up your work in more than one place (USB, Student O:drive, home computer, etc.)?
    • Have you checked the course calendar to be prepared for the next couple of weeks?
    • Have you checked your grades on StudioBast E-Learning to be sure you know where you stand?
    • Have you emailed me about upcoming absences, illness, or other issues that are seriously in the way of your upcoming assignment/quiz/tasks?
    • Have you looked into Tutoring Center and/or eTutoring website opportunities if you feel you want more help?