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  • ljbTRAININGS CANVAS - Set Up / Use

    This class is an in-person class where I teach in the classroom with notes & demos on the specific class website, and using a login/password-required online learning management tool to handle quizzes, surveys, the course calendar, a student collaboration forum, and your grades.


    This Online Management Learning tool is the CANVAS tool, which is free to you, easy to log into, and easy to use. NOTE: I am using the Independent version of Canvas, NOT the Seattle Central version - therefore, the login address is different:



    It's super easy. First, you will get an invitation to free account when I enroll you and publish the class.


    • As I understand, once I "launch/publish" a Canvas course, the students who I have enrolled in the related class should receive an email from Canvas giving them the appropriate link and login information.
    • If this is your first visit to MY Canvas site, your invitation email will also allow you to sign up to CANVAS and create a password. Remember your password since I won't know what it is.
    • Then look for the course YOU are taking if your registration did not send you right there.
    • You should be good to go - you can log anytime into your course and access the tools.


    THE EMAIL - This is something like what you should see:


    You've been invited to participate in a class at

    The class is called [Formal Class Name Here], and you've been invited to participate as a student.


    Name: LastName, FirstName
    Email: YOURemailaddress
    Username: none


    You'll need to register with Canvas before you can participate in the class.


    Click here to get started





    When you "Click to Get Started", you should be redirected to a web page with the following on it:




    THEN, finish refistering:







    Once you are logged in, check out your course, since this is where you will do quizzes and upload assignments. You can see and do each week's assignments and quizzes, see any messages I might leave, use the forum, and check your grades.


    Add information to your Canvas profile, including an image of YOU so I can put your face and name together. Then, say Hi/introduce yourself in the Discussion area. :0)


    Quizzes and Assignments Your quizzes, assignments, and uploadable projects will only be available for you to "enter" and complete during the 6 days before they are due. For instance, if your first Quiz is due Sunday, you should be able to actually enter and complete the quiz from the previous Monday.


    Here's what you should see for Class Navigation in the CANVAS tool:


    Example main screen





    Example Grading





    This is what the Navigation stands for

    • Home: the Canvas home page for your class. The link to our main class website is also listed here.
    • Discussions: the Canvas forum area. Use this to ask other students in class questions, and to share info.
    • Assignments: the Canvas assignments AND quizzes, organized by week.
    • Grades: the Canvas grade sheet you should be able to check for yourself during the quarter.
    • Collaborate: the Canvas space where I might offer live office hours and/or an extra off-site lecture or two (that you can "attend" from the web) if I create any for our class.
    • I MAY add Tegrity later if needed for the class.


    Note: I may use the CANVAS tool to send out a general email if the class needs it (like if I am out sick or something). The email should go to the email address you chose to log in with, so check it regularly! Usually I will use REGULAR Email, but give me the right one here too!!




    CANVAS is really easy to navigate and use. In class befor our first assignment and quiz, I will show you what to expect for uploading, doing short answer assignments, and taking the quiz. You really should not have any problems.


    IF you have a problem with CANVAS when you try to complete/upload and assignment or quiz, you need to EMAIL ME right away so I know.


    ALSO, don't wait until an hour before something is due to complete it, and don't try uploading 5 or 10 minutes before the assignment/quiz is due to close. I will not extend work that has "crashed" because a student waited untill the last minute. PLAN YOUR TIME. :0)