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    IF you are viewing this page, you really need to go away and do some non grown-up Spring stuff. I mean, seriously. Have some fun, sleep in, get some coffee, go on a trip, swim, see a movie, go on another trip, check out your local Farmers' Market, visit the zoo, ride a ferry somewhere, get stuck at the stop of the Waterfront Ferris wheel, etc. Because I will want a full and complete report about "MY SPRING" when you get back.


    Just kidding - about the report. . . Heh!


    I (L.J. Bothell) am now on Quarter Break until Monday, March 30, and will be checking email rarely. I will not have the CANVAS tool for BUSTC ready before the quarter starts. Because I have a life. . .


    NOTE that I will not have any scheduled classes at Seattle Central College for Spring Quarter - NO MIC101, NO MIC102e Excel, etc. However, I DO have my BUSTC109 classes at Shoreline from March 30-May 15, and we'll have loads of fun. I will upfdate the BUSTC109 website pages as needed when Spring Quarter bedins.


    JUST FOR KICKS: A NEW Simon's Cat






    Mission, Vision & Values

    I feel that teaching is a privilege. I get the opportunity to share information about topics I love and work in, with folks I'll get to see grow in the design and IT industries later. My goal is to give as much current information as possible in an as fun and interactive learning way that I can!


    My mission for teaching includes:

    • Providing current skills training for a competitive workplace
    • Encouraging professional workflow and communications techniques
    • Helping students help themselves prepare to flourish in their IT careers


    Code of Ethics

    L.J.'s classes have a Code of Ethics which exists to help everyone work well together, make learning fun and useful, and promote great behavior practices for school and the work world:

    • Arrive on time
    • Don't cut class
    • Mute smartphones and other devices
    • Don't take over the class with personal discussions
    • Don't text or do email business during class
    • Don't cheat/slack off, which includes plagiarizing, collusion, and turning in demo work as assignment work


    About LJ Bothell (Bio)


    LJBHi there! I'm L.J. Bothell and I don't stand on much formality. I'm from Seattle, WA, and have been doing design and communications of one kind or another for over 20 years. I have a BA in Liberal Arts, an AAS in print graphic design, a Certificate in web design, and a Certificate in web development. It's a wonder my head doesn't fall right off!


    I've been lucky to have trained with some cool instructors and to have worked a lot. I have experience doing permanent, contract, freelance, and pro-bono work. I have worked in healthcare, real estate, education, nonprofit, transportation, travel, and marketing-related areas. I can work on both PCs and Macs and in many programs. I do web and print design and production, project planning and coordination, a teensy bit o'dev, and sometimes I write and get stuff published. Oh, and I am terribly addicted to Starbucks mochas. Terribly.


    Here are a few links below to work I have designed/produced. Some are snapshots in my portfolio site, others are currently live.


    LJ Bothell: Portfolio

    Employer: Group Health

    Contract: WA State Ferries

    Contract: The Cobalt Group